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Foulis Landscaping regularly constructs retaining walls on projects to retain different levels on a property, levelling sloped areas of lawn or garden or perhaps to create different tiers for interest. Foulis Landscaping specialise in all types of timber retaining walls, block walls, rock walls or keystone retaining walls and gabion basket retaining.

Roof repairs

We can help with both commercial and residential roofing, whether its patching a leak, replacing missing shingles or maintainging your roof. Regular maintenance keeps your roof in good condition longer.

Gutter repairs

Gutters play an important role in esuring that the rain water that hits the roof is chanelled away from where it could damage your home. We can assist with repairing sagging or loose gutters, seal leaks, repair downspouts and check the water runoff

Brick laying

Some of the brick laying wrls we do are commercial and residential buildings, basement block, foundations, Retaining walls, brick fences

Office fit outs, repairs, alterations as well as Partitions

We can transform you office or showroom space to one that utilises the floor area to the best. Change in office layouts, speperating out